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Malini Shah


Malini founded Nritya Kala Kendra with the purpose of preserving and promoting the ancient and modern arts of India.She is a firm believer that the arts and history of any community can shape and transform modern society.   As a cultural ambassador for 40 years, Malini has dedicated her life to creating widespread global awareness of the rich and multi-faceted culture of India.


Malini has two Bachelor’s Degrees in Arts and Child Education from India. She spent over 30 years teaching  in some of India's most prestigious educational institutions. She has undertaken several ambassadorships from different world governments promoting  global diversity and culture. Today, Malini is involved with several significant New York City cultural instituions. She is a standing advisor to the Queens Museum, she represents Ex Officio trustee Speaker Cory Johnson  on the Board of the Musuem of Arts and Design,  she serves as the community and cultural liaison for New York city council member Paul Vallone (District 19), she is a member of Women's Jewelry Association and has sat as a panelist for the the Queens Community Art Fund. Additionally, she is also the president of her own jewelry company.  


Malini has worked relentlessly in unifying different global cultures in the United States. She has received many prestigious awards such as ‘Jewel of India’ Award, City Council Citations, Citation from New York City Council member Peter Koo for recognition and honor for years of service to the Community, "Outstanding Mother Award" by C.A.P.S.C., Hind Rattan Award for Outstanding Services, Achievement and Contribution and exclusive Award for Leadership in the Arts and Culture from Assemblyman Nick Perry, and the Positive Indo Image Award. She is also the recipient of ‘Exceptional Woman Award’ from South Asian American Women’s Alliance. Her autobiography appeared in the "Who's who in India” and Best of New York. 


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