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NKK founder with Prime Minister of Mauritius

May 2009: In the Month of May NKK Founder Malini Shah accepted a special invitation to London to attend a reception that was hosted for the Prime Minister of Mauritius.


Guyana Day 2009 was held at the Performing Arts Center at York College. It was sponsored by the Guyana Day Committee in Observance of Guyana’s 43rd Independence anniversary. There were spectacular performances by Te Supertones Band, Nritya Kala Kendra’s very own Shanna Somaroo, Guyana’s legendary Terry Gajraj, Kavita Naidu, Raja Tassa Explosion and many, many more exciting performances. The celebration of Culture, Art and Unity has never been seen this way before.

Students of NKK

June 2009: On June 5th 2009 at the Council Chambers, City Hall,  New York we celebrated Guyana’s independence with lots of music, dance and shocking performances from many different Artists. Some Artists as young as 10 years old joined in the celebration of Guyana’s 43rd Independence, the youngest performing artist there that evening was Ajay Seerattan playing the Tassa and he was amazing. Joining in the Celebration was none other than our own Malini Shah who gave an exciting presentation through her interpretive dancers from the Nritya Kala Kendra organization which she herself founded. Along with Mrs. Shah there were many other presenters and speakers sharing their thoughts and memories of Guyana. They also helped us to honor a few of the very honorable people of Guyana who truly deserved The Independence Awards.

Display of books and spices from India

Children's Day at the Indian Consulate in NYC

November 2009: On November 13th Nritya Kala Kendra held their annual Children’s Day program in celebration of India’s late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Performances were held at The Indian Consulate in New York. There were very exciting performances by the young children of America and India. There were also exhibitions on India’s spices, books, musical instruments and jewelry. There were also painting exhibitions by the students that attended.

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